Fast Sudoku

Fast Sudoku 1.2

Sudoku with various themes, styles and levels

Fast Sudoku - The game of centuries, with friendly interface and so many smart and convenient features, will help you to relax and explore the matrix of logics. This is not just a game for fun but also a game for developing ingenious brains. With Sudoku game, you will enjoy and gain an endless supply of millions of unique puzzles. Furthermore, you can customize the game skins and sounds exactly the way you want. Let’s your brain tease with numbers and rich features!

Key Features:

  • Support multi-player via LAN/WIFI new
  • Endless Supply - thousands unique Sudoku puzzles
  • 5 Levels of Difficulty - Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Super Expert.
  • Customizable Skins and Sounds
  • Convenient Load and Save Puzzles
  • Automatic Played Time & Date Record
  • Private Sudoku Creation
  • Hall of Fame for Personal Highest Scores
  • Auto-Checking
  • Smart Hints
  • Support three types of number input
  • Full feature trial version for 3 days

Smart Hints

You have millions of puzzles to play and sometimes you get lost! Let "Hints" function give you a clue! With guide and suggestions, you get light to continue the way! Smart Hints shows:

  • Wrong marked values

  • Possible values

  • Duplicate region

  • Duplicate row/column

  • One solved cell

  • The whole solved game

Fast Sudoku


Fast Sudoku 1.2